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Antobal's Cubans - Antobal's Cubans 1932-1937 (HQ 2081)

GBP 13.95
Format: Vinyl Record LP, Harlequin Records. UK release from 1991. Cuban music LP release from Antobal's Cubans. Classic Rumba Afro-Cuban music LP.
Record label: Harlequin UK
Grade: Vinyl VG+, Jacket VG+
Stock: 1. Item: RM25156hq2081 ---A

Antobal's Latin All Stars - That Latin Beat! (DLP 25445)

GBP 40.95
Format: Vinyl Record LP, Dot Records. USA release from 1962. Latin music LP release from Antobal's Latin All Stars featuring Peruchin, Chico O'Farrill, Rene Hernandez and others. Classic Latin Cuban big band music LP. Lovely fresh and clean copy. Stereo issue. A United States vinyl pressing, hard to find outside the USA.
Record label: Dot USA
Grade: Vinyl EX, Jacket EX
Stock: 1. Item: RM19052dlp25445 ---A

Antobal's Cuban All Stars - Dia De Reyes: The Ultimate Cuban Rhythm (FL 7510)

GBP 76.95
Format: Vinyl Record LP, Felsted Records. USA release, no date. Cuban music LP release from Antobal's Cuban All Stars directed by Obdulio Morales. Features all the top Cuban players of the 1950s: Generoso Jimenez, El Negro Vivar, Guillermo Barretto, Pedro Peruchin Justiz, Gina Martin and others. Classic 1950s Big Band Cuban music LP. Radio Promo stamp on back of jacket.
Record label: Felsted USA
Grade: Vinyl EX, Jacket VG+
Stock: 1. Item: RM9990fl7510 ---A

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