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Female Singer-Songwriters of the 1970s: Pioneers of Rock and Cultural Icons
The 1970s marked a transformative era in rock music, heavily influenced by the rise of female singer-songwriters who brought introspection, poetic lyricism, and innovative sounds to the forefront.. == read more ==

Krautrock (aka Kosmische musik), German Prog Rock music
Some influential German Krautrock bands: Tangerine Dream, CAN, Neu!, Michael Rother... == read more ==

Led Zeppelin: Influential British rock band
Led Zeppelin: British hard rock band that formed in 1968... == read more ==

Celia Cruz: The Queen of Salsa, La Sonora Matancera: Cuban Dance Band
Celia Cruz: was a Cuban-American singer known as the Queen of Salsa ... == read more ==

The Beatles: a legendary rock band from Liverpool
The Beatles: The band consisted of: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr... == read more ==

David Bowie - Glam Rock Star
David Bowie was a legendary musician known for his unique style... == read more ==

Colombian Salsa Music: Discos Fuentes, Fruko y Sus Tesos, Grupo Niche
Discos Fuentes is a record label based in Medellin, Colombia, and is considered one of the most important record labels in Latin America. == read more ==

Classical Music Label: Deutsche Grammophon Records
Deutsche Grammophon Records is a record label based in Germany specializing in Classical music recordings... == read more ==

Topic Records - A British Folk Music Label
Topic Records is a British record label that has been instrumental in promoting and preserving traditional Folk Music... == read more ==

Three Mambo Music Legends: Machito, Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez
The history of Latin music in the United States is rich and diverse... == read more ==

Shipping to EU: Why we have chosen not to
Due to the extra cost caused by Brexit bureaucracy... == read more ==